Procurement and Contract Officer Needed At European Defence Agency, Brussels

Procurement and Contract Officer Needed At European Defence Agency, Brussels, Belgium

European Defence Agency is currently looking for a Procurement and Contract Officer. Job location is Brussels, Belgium.


Under the supervision of the Head of the Procurement and Contract Unit, the Procurement and Contract Officer will, contribute to the following activities:

  • Administer public procurement (and possibly grant) procedures based on the Agency’s Financial & Procurement Rules, which entails, inter alia:
    • Ensure full coordination of procurements under his/her responsibility;
    • Advise project officers on the launch and administration of the  procedures;
    • Ensure compliance of the procedures with EDA Financial and Procurement Rules;
    • Prepare tenders (and possibly grants) and contractual documentation as required;
    • Provide support to the relevant Units/Directorates on contract management issues;
    • Provide inputs in view of the Unit’s constant amelioration process and contribute to the drafting of internal processes & template.
  • Manage ad hoc contracting activities, which entails, inter alia:
    • Negotiate and draft contracts to be let by the Agency to implement projects and programmes in the context of Ad Hoc activities;
    • Provide support to the Operational Directorates in charge of such Ad Hoc activities ensuring  adequate implementation of the contractual provisions;
    • Follow-up of the resources allocated by the participating Member States (pMS) contributing to ad hoc projects and programmes;
    • Provide contractual guidance to internal and external stakeholders as required;
    • Participate in the implementation and, when needed, development of the Agency’s ad hoc procedures.
  • Take on additional tasks as required in the interest of the service.


  • be a national of a Member State participating in the Agency;
  • be entitled to his/her full rights as a citizen;
  • have completed any obligations imposed on him/her by the laws concerning military service;
  • produce the appropriate character references as to his/her suitability for the performance of his/her duties;
  • be physically fit to perform his/her duties;
  • have a thorough knowledge of one of the languages of the participating Member States and a satisfactory knowledge of another of these languages to the extent necessary to discharge his/her duties;
  • have no personal interest (financial, family relationship, or other) which could be in conflict with disinterested discharge of his/her duties within the Agency;
  • hold, or be in a position to obtain, a valid Personnel Security Clearance Certificate (national or EU PSC at SECRET UE/EU SECRET level). Personnel Security Clearance Certificate ‘ (PSCC) means a certificate issued by a competent authority establishing that an individual is security cleared and holds a valid national or EU PSC, and which shows the level of EUCI to which that individual may be granted access (CONFIDENTIEL UE/EU CONFIDENTIAL or above), the date of validity of the relevant PSC and the date of expiry of the certificate itself. Note that the necessary procedure for obtaining a PSCC can be initiated on request of the employer only, and not by the individual candidate.);
  • have a level of education which corresponds to completed university studies attested by a diploma when the normal period of university education is four years or more, or a level of education which corresponds to completed university studies attested by a diploma and appropriate professional experience of at least one year when the normal period of university education is at least three years or be a graduate of a national or international Defence College.

Application Process

Interested and qualified applicants are to proceed to the online application portal to apply for this job.

Application Deadline

Deadline is January 5th, 2016.

For more information, visit the official page.