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Lim Kim San Memorial Scholarship 2023-24 in Singapore

Applications are invited to apply for the Lim Kim San Memorial Scholarship 2023-24 in Singapore. Singapore citizens are eligible to apply for this award. Singapore Award is a Fully Funded Scholarship to Study at top Universities in Singapore. The scholarship allows Graduate, Bachelor level programs in the field of Humanities, Languages taught at Singapore Universities.

Financial Benefits:

  • The undergraduate Lim Kim San Memorial Scholarship 2023–24. The following items must be included in the scholarship award: Complete tuition costs, including books and tests a yearly living stipend of S$2,000 a yearly book allowance of S$300 The scholarship is valid for the minimum time frame necessary by the scholar to finish the course of study for a first degree, including, if available, the honors degree, but not longer than four years, subject to satisfactory behavior and progress. No bond is required. Those who are awarded scholarships may also request and, if available, apply for internship positions at Singapore Press Holdings (SPH).

Available Subject:

These are the subjects that are eligible for study through this scholarship program. Humanities\s Language
Eligibility Criteria:
These are the requirements for the Lim Kim San Memorial Scholarship for 2023–2024:
  • Available to Singaporeans with a family income of $5,000 or less and strong performance in the yearly exams at regional institutions or
  • Excellent achievements in polytechnic and GCE ‘O’ and ‘A’ levels consistently excellent records in extracurricular activities Successful scholarship winners are required to give back to the community both during and after their education through voluntary activities.


The Lim Kim San Memorial Scholarship 2023–24 in Singapore application deadline is April 28, 2023, and those who have been shortlisted will be notified by email.

How To Apply:

For the Singapore Lim Kim San Memorial Scholarship 2023–2024, there is an online application process. When submitting your application, please be sure to include correct and comprehensive information. Your eligibility for the scholarship will be determined using the information you give, including reference checks. Incorrect information or the purposeful omission of crucial information may lead to disqualification. Send an email to with any questions. Below are links to the official advertisement and the application form:

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